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Law Offices of Jenny L. Colón, P. C. 

Our Mission | Our Purpose | Our Vision


~ Our Miss​ion ~

Our mission is to become the trusted advisor to our clients and customers for all things related to property law and transnational law. We accomplish this by always making an attorney available to answer questions and by preforming at a level that is professionally, ethically and morally consistent with time-honored biblical precepts to the benefit of our clients. We strive to treat all people, clients, customers and competitors with kindness, professionalism and competence.

~ Our Vision ~

Jenny L. Colón, P.C.'s vision is to be the premiere boutique law firm of Hampton Roads providing competent, trustworthy legal counsel for its client's professional and personal transactions. The firm strives to instill a sense of confidence and security in its clients by adhering to a strict moral, ethical, and professional code of conduct. Equally important is ensuring that all people are treated kindly and that clients and customers feel important and heard. This focus on the client means that each client is getting the best level of expertise and attention to their situation from a qualified and competent attorney. The goal at Jenny L. Colón, P.C. is to help other Real Estate professionals grow their own businesses. When they leave their transactions in the capable hands of the attorneys, they can focus on obtaining new business. Thus, the firm's success comes from their client's success.

~ Our Purpose ~

The ultimate purpose at Jenny L. Colón, P.C. is to ensure that our firm's clients have the tools—legal know ledge and appropriate documents, required to grow their own businesses. Our firm works to invest in each individual client, so that they not only have the legal answer or solution they are seeking, but the understanding of WHY the answer or solution is so-from a legal perspective. Our firm seeks to educate our clients so when they walk out our office they do so knowing more than they did walking in. This is in contrast to some other firms in the area who have marketing agreements, or other contracts in place which require the individual or business to retain the attorney as the result of a contractual requirement. Instead, at Jenny L. Colón, P.C., the hours, effort and attention spent with every client is done as an outward expression of appreciation of the choice the client has made in choosing our firm over others. In Attorney Colón's own words,

"I want people to use my firm because they want to-because we do a good job, not because they're contractually obligated to. I want people to ENJOY working with me. Not only clients, but other law firms too. I want my competitors to be pleased in knowing I'm on the other side of the transaction because they know they'll be treated kindly, receive things on time and have the confidence that the transaction will go as smoothly as possible."

~ The First 10 Years ~

 Jenny L. Colón, P.C. was formed in 2007 as a in-house legal counsel and legal document preparation partner for a title & escrow, company. For eight years Jenny was both an employee (as a Branch Manager and Settlement Agent) as well as the firm’s lead attorney. In these roles, she processed real estate files and conducted closings for the company’s customers. As a part-time attorney, she provided legal counsel and document preparation to all of the title company's customers, real estate agents and corporate officers.

In December of 2014, Jenny L. Colón, P.C. underwent a major restructuring and launched into full-time law practice. With new visibility and a growing client-base, the need for an associate became immediately evident. In April 2015 Kelly Thomas (formerly Gaines), Jenny’s former legal intern, joined the firm after completing her Juris Doctor. In May 2016, Kelly Thomas, Esq. became an official Associate attorney at the firm.

Jenny L. Colón, P.C. is a relatively new firm within the Hampton Roads community, however, Jenny is not new to this business. After 10+ years, the sheer volume of Real Estate Transactions performed by the firm far outweigh those done by older, more established firms. This depth of expertise has garnered Jenny and her team a level of respect and admiration from our clients, customers and competitors alike. 

What our Clients are saying

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Pardon us while we build something amazing!

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Pardon us while we build something amazing!

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